2013 St Jude Commitment Waiver form  Make sure you read the registration form and the Runner Medical Waiver Form carefully as they have changes for 2013.  All participants MUST fill out a medical form.  These forms will be kept secure and confidential during the run and only used for a medical situation.  After the run these forms will be destroyed. This form is attached.  All runners must print and fill out the form and return it with their registration form.  This is required!  Those who do not turn in a medical form WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ON THE RUN. No exceptions on this one.

The deadline for registering is June 21, 2013.

B-N St. Jude Run date is AUGUST 3, 2013.


Some new rules and requirements will be in place for the 2013 St. Jude Run.  These are referenced in the registration form.

  • No more than 20 runners will be allowed to run at any given time.  Exceptions are allowed when running through towns, cities, and over the McCluggage Bridge.  About 29 miles of the 54 total miles on the route are such that all runners that wish to run can do so as we go through Bloomington, Normal, El Paso, Eureka, Washington, over the bridge, and into Peoria.   Other miles will be assigned as evenly as possible to each team.
  • All runners will be required to raise at least $750 again this year.   Captains, please help your runners stay on top of this.  As always, letter writing campaigns are the most effective, efficient, and recommended means of fundraising for St. Jude.  Please encourage your runners to utilize this method.  As in the past, letterhead and envelopes will be available for this.
  • State Farm Good Neighbor Grant applicants can have $500 from State Farm donated to St. Jude in return for providing volunteer time for St. Jude.  In 2012, as in 2011, these $500 grants will not count towards runners’ $750 minimum fundraising total.  It will, however, count in their total fundraising amount.
  • All donations received in the amount of $250 or more must be reported to the St. Jude Run Office.  They have IRS rules to comply with.   Each runner is asked to fill out the form below with information for each donation of $250 or more that they receive.  After all the runners’ donations are in and the form filled out, it should be sent to Dennis Cler and then will be forwarded to the Run Office in Peoria.  Each runner only needs to submit this form one time and it should include ALL of their $250+ donations..
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4 April 2012

Thank you for considering to support  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.   Your support of the St. Jude Runs enables doctors and researchers at St. Jude to continue their life-saving work and this could not be done without your help.


This year marks the 31st anniversary of the St. Jude Runs!

Donate to the 2012 Bloomington Run


Thanks again for all you do for the St. Jude kids!

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